Cognitive Diversity at board level

Cognitive diversity is no longer the gold standard for firms. It’s like folding our arms after presenting a thought experiment.

Oftentimes, we still need to go that extra mile with an actual experiment to test the validity of the thought experiment. In simple terms, real people acquire wisdom from lived experiences.

Furthermore, the constitution of a board reflects the essence and it’s also a true reflection of the brand when the PR frills are removed.

The good news is, forward thinking firms see both the moral and economic arguments for demographically diverse boards.

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Origins and Beyond: Digital Divide

Healingsprings fellowship is hosting the 2nd instalment of our online events on Saturday, August, 15th 2020, 7 pm – 8:45 pm (UK Time).

The theme for August’s virtual conference is The Digital Divide, with a focus on a case study on the impact of community IT provisions by an NGO in slums. The vlog will cover 3 settings in Lagos State, Nigeria.

By way of context, among other challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, perhaps the biggest concern in the developing world has been the gap in access to information technology. While the West is now focused on cloud solutions and cyber security, the developing world is only scratching the surface in Information Technology.

For instance, schools and universities have really struggled to make the transition to digital teaching and learning in Nigeria for a plethora of reasons.

Those that are geared up for delivery are often faced with learners who: do not own a device; lack a safe space to study; are experiencing poor internet connectivity, lack electricity or alternatives to power their devices.


  1. Talk: Origins and Beyond: the Digital Divide by Clement Akran, BA Theology, Media & Communications, MBA Ethics & Sustainability (30minutes)
  • An overview of the digital divide
  • Explore some of the reasons why it exists

  1. Vlogs from 3 community IT settings in Lagos (15mins)

  2. Panel Discussion and questions from the audience (30minutes)

  • Where do we go from here: alignment, realignment, disruption or what?
  1. Synopsis, closing remarks and update on Future Events (5minutes)


  • Welcome and Talk
  • Q & A, panel discussions

  • Vlogs from 3 community IT settings in slums in Lagos

  • Closing remarks, and future events

  • Please register using the link below for your FREE TICKETS!Spaces are limited —

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    Thought Leaders Series: 2020

    Hong Kong: UK makes citizenship offer to residents

    People are asking why Hong Kong residents are being given a red carpet reception by the UK government, citing that Brexit was a bid to control immigration as resources were depleting.

    However, as with poverty there are mainly two types of migrants— the deserving and the undeserving. For example, when the Nigerian economy was buoyant there were hardly visa restrictions. Her citizens were free to travel in and out to spend — and spend they did. But the minute the country’s economy showed any sign of a crisis, visa restrictions kicked in from most Western countries.

    So by and large if we take global politics aside, as long as you have the means, there are hardly any travel restrictions on planet earth.

    While I empathise with the causes of the movements in Hong Kong, I would have liked to see the same gesture extended to those with similar plight in other countries — especially the ones.

    Dear friends, there is a crucial lesson to be learn from this. In neoliberalism, you only get the full benefits of your human rights through economic might.

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