Public opinion— the ghost in collective consciousness

One can hardly predict the zeitgeist from an event…

For example, even though Queen Marie Antoinette was innocent, public opinion still found her guilty of the diamond scandal, and the culprits innocent. Perhaps the reason why top PR firms are close to big corporations and politics.

They provide a very important service — gauging public opinion. When the feedback from the ghost in collective consciousness is not assessed elections are lost, companies go out of business, and revolutions happen.

When leaders fail to keep abreast with public opinion, they do so at their peril.


‪Fertility rate: ‘Jaw-dropping’ global crash in children being born (BBC)

Clearly religion gave legitimation to suffering in the past, and in its absence people are increasingly concerned about why children should be born to suffer.

Even though wealth has increased globally (let’s leave the question of distribution for now), and we are living longer, data also shows that we are less fulfilled and unhappier. Scholars even argue that we now suffer from poverty of aspiration.

A more religious society is definitely not the answer because it justified inequality and strengthened most of the social norms like patriarchy, homophobia, racism etc., that we are currently contending with.

Can gainful work provide new meaning and a heightened sense of purpose? Isn’t it time we rethink the nature and outputs of work?

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Cognitive Diversity at board level

Cognitive diversity is no longer the gold standard for firms. It’s like folding our arms after presenting a thought experiment.

Oftentimes, we still need to go that extra mile with an actual experiment to test the validity of the thought experiment. In simple terms, real people acquire wisdom from lived experiences.

Furthermore, the constitution of a board reflects the essence and it’s also a true reflection of the brand when the PR frills are removed.

The good news is, forward thinking firms see both the moral and economic arguments for demographically diverse boards.

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