Today @ Healingsprings fellowship 

After a much needed break to celebrate two years in ministry, and launch Project Nehemiah; we are back on the Gospel of John!

Today I will be doing a recap, before treating the 5th I AM statement: I am the resurrection and the life (John 11:25). 

Like an action packed, high octane blockbuster movie, this statement sets the scene for a final showdown between Jesus and his adversaries. 

In fact not long after this encounter, he experiences his ‘passion’.

I will be assessing what the evangelist was trying to put across to his audience, and how we can draw inspiration for fellowship and spiritual warfare in the 21st century.

Among many spiritual truths, for me two key themes emerges from this story. 

Join us as we explore them!

Reachout | Revive | Recover

2016: Our Season of Plenty

(Gen. 41: 46-52)