Spiritual Intelligence: Go, Kill and Comeback

Go Kill Everybody and Come Back Alone

The title of a 1968 spaghetti western movie. Its the story of a Confederate prisoner, double crossed in a heist.

As I ruminate over this movie, the word Defiance comes to mind. There is something about defiance that sets the human spirit on fire. To give a clearer picture, defiance can be defined as;

boldly resisting an opposing force.

With that in mind, lets bring the biblical character David to the stage. Under the reign of king Saul, there was war between the nations. In a bid to settle the war with minimal casualties, a duel was proposed. Goliath emerged, a giant with a very impressive military CV, the armies of king Saul took to their heels. But David, a young shepherd boy with absolutely no military training or experience, declared in his heart;

Enough is enough… I’ll go, kill Goliath and come back.

And yes he did!

Friends its the start of a new week, so pick bullets for fear, doubt, anxiety, low self-worth… Their days are numbered!


~ Sabali