Today @ Healingsprings fellowship

Last week in my lecture on Exodus chapters 7-9 we treated the 10 plagues and the reason why the redactors would have included them in their telling of this Founding Myth.

Moving forward, we will be treating the following seminar questions:

  • what were the redactors trying to convey through the story?
  • how did the story serve the community in their nation building project?

  • what lessons can we deduce from the story?

  • examples of similar crisis today where we ca. that have exemplify similar qualities

Core text: Exodus, chapters 4-6 NRSV

Join us at 3pm

St John the Evangelist Hall

Church Rd,

Sidcup DA14 6BX

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Today’s lecture | Church reloaded: gratitude 

I had a very interesting conversation with a cab driver recently who was a Muslim. 

Unlike most ‘Christians’, this man had taken his time to research all major faiths in the world. 

So with all this knowledge at his disposal he asked me a salient question. He said: “If Jesus’ death meant that we are delivered from all: past, present and future sins; does that mean we just do whatever we please?”

Dear friends this question is the inspiration behind tonight’s lecture under our Church Reloaded series, entitled: gratitude.

With this in mind, what did Paul mean when he wrote asking his friends in Rome to “offer themselves as a living sacrifice”?

He even went further to explain that it was “our reasonable service after all that Christ had done for us” (Rom. 12:1-2).

Since we are not expected to payback anything for salvation – as it’s a free will gift, and even if we were it is impossible to pay back… What do we do?

Join us if you can as we explore these and other questions: (6:00-7:30)pm.

Art Centre, Drama Room, Bexleyheath Academy, Woolwich Rd, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7DA 

(Free parking in front of the school and adjacent streets)


This Sunday at Healingsprings fellowship: Critical Journey | The life of Discipleship

Last week I introduced and completed the first stage of the six stages: Recognition of God. During the lecture, we explored Isaiah’s epiphany and the story of the leper in the first chapter of Mark’s gospel; as a mirror into our lives and experiences as followers of Christ.

This week we press on to the next stage: the life of discipleship. To this end Jesus’ words, inviting his new friends to a life of discipline (which is where the word discipleship evolved from), comes alive in my spirit:

And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fish for people. (Matthew 4:19 NRSV).

Follow me, and I will make you… Therefore, in following the transformation process is ignited! In fact Paul alluded to this when he wrote to friends in Corinth:

And all of us, with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from the Lord, the Spirit. (2 Corinthians 3:18 NRSV)

To this end, we will be engaging our minds with characteristics like: meaning from belonging; answers found in a leader/cause/ belief system; sense of righteousness; and security in our faith.

Critical Journey is the product of a beautiful piece of work by Janet Hagberg and Robert Guelich. It is an attempt to articulate the key stages in the life of faith. Each week we will examine one of the six stages: exploring, evaluating, challenging, reflecting, learning; drawing strength from the bible, and each other’s experiences. The series will culminate with a celebratory service.

So why not drop-by for a life-changing experience? This 90 mins might end up being a catalyst for some awesome things.

(6:00 – 7:30)pm

The Art Centre, Drama Room, Bexleyheath Academy, Woolwich Road, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7DA

There are free parking spaces in front of the school and on the adjacent streets

Our Big Sunday Celebration can be best described as a community Christian festival. So in the spirit of thanksgiving, together we: sing, pray, give, celebrate life, discuss current affairs, present thoughts from Biblical themes, and encourage one another; like one big family!