Public opinion— the ghost in collective consciousness

One can hardly predict the zeitgeist from an event…

For example, even though Queen Marie Antoinette was innocent, public opinion still found her guilty of the diamond scandal, and the culprits innocent. Perhaps the reason why top PR firms are close to big corporations and politics.

They provide a very important service — gauging public opinion. When the feedback from the ghost in collective consciousness is not assessed elections are lost, companies go out of business, and revolutions happen.

When leaders fail to keep abreast with public opinion, they do so at their peril.


We can change politics

The saying, “Politics is a dirty game” is not an epicurean position. It is an admonition to well meaning people so they understand that they will encounter people whose values and ideas might not align with theirs. It does not mean that politics is for dirty people.

The same way ‘good people’ do not necessarily make good managers, politics requires a unique set of skills and attributes. We need a plethora of ideas— arguments and counter arguments. The more the amount of progressive ideas we have in the pool, the better it is for humanity.


WorksFuture (Our Workforce Recover Initiative)

By way of background the vision started in 2014 after I resigned from work in 2013 to embark on a study sabbatical. This led to a second degree in Theology, Media and Communications, and an MBA. Healingsprings is a volunteer Jed organisation which started as a means of using skills and knowledge from my course in community organising and empowering people within my local community to be change makers.

After completion of my MBA in 2018 I took a break from Healingsprings fellowship as a result of personal challenges and work commitment. The vision was revived in June this year with our first online conference: Origins and Beyond ( Origins and Beyond is a bi-monthly online event which features a talk on a topic, panel discussions and Q & A from members of the audience. Our next conference is schedule for Saturday 15th August ( These events produce by-products like blogs, newsletter, podcasts, and videos. Other products includes our TED-Ed programme for teenagers.

In response to the present pandemic and the global skills challenge we launched WorksFuture our workforce recovery initiative, and your involvement will be pivotal to its success. For example:

  • Our new website will serve as a repository for artefacts from our events and a space for partners, volunteers, and subscribers to find further information about our programmes and to make donations. 
  • Our partnership in Sierra Leone with NGOs working with young people to reduce brain drain, youth unemployment, and the skills gap serves as a blueprint in addressing the unique challenges in other developing countries

We desperately need a Sponsorship Manager. A key part of this role involves securing sponsorships from private and corporate partners for the training of our volunteers via online providers like Coursera. And we are also exploring funding opportunities to ensure that volunteers that excel on our programme progress onto paid employment with us.

There are also volunteering opportunities for graphic designers, bloggers, social media managers, project managers, teachers, and event managers. Our target is to have all these posts filled before the end of 2020. Then scale up operations in 2021 with a view to addressing the Digital Divide — especially in Africa.

 In the meantime:

  • Register if you have not done so already for our next conference and feel free to share with likeminded people
  • Follow the Healingsprings fellowship page on Linkedin Page

Our core working hours are 10am – 3pm (Mondays to Fridays), except for events that might fall on weekends. Most importantly roles are project based and volunteers work remotely. As well emails, we also use collaborative tools like MS Teams, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, G Suite, Google Hangout/Meet in planning, organising and managing projects.

Speak soon!