This pain will not kill us, it is building us.

Thought Leaders Series: 2018 Sadly, not many Africans understand that before the intervention from the West and Arabs, Africa had a thriving economy, high culture, backed by sophisticated religious and social institutions. For those of us who see everything West as superior, those who suffer from White Saviour Complex, those that believe that everything African … Continue reading This pain will not kill us, it is building us.


Thought Leaders Series: 2018 For those of us who dare to dream, those who hope for a better place here on earth, those who aspire to see a world of opportunities, justice and prosperity for all; Wakanda becomes not just a fictional vision, but a reality. A reality not just for Africa, but one for … Continue reading Wakanda

The Royal Wedding

Thought Leaders Series: 2018 I have observed that many have been theologising on the recent royal wedding. In fact in some quarters, God favoured Meghan Merkel to be blessed with Prince Harry. While I am happy for the newly weds, in my view, If it was God who favoured Meghan over the billions of single … Continue reading The Royal Wedding

“Education, education, education” – Tony Blair

Thought Leaders Series: 2018 The traditional Christian view that humans are inherently evil stems from the philosophy in Judaism that God is their Father by virtue of his covenant with Abraham, and all other people (Gentiles) are enemies of God. This view was further strengthened by the Apostolic Fathers, especially Augustine’s doctrine of Original Sin. … Continue reading “Education, education, education” – Tony Blair