Spiritual Intelligence: Two Turtle Doves

If she cannot afford a lamb, then she shall take two turtledoves, or two young pigeons; the one for a burnt offering, and the other for a sin offering: and the priest shall make atonement for her, and she shall be clean.

With those words from Leviticus as backdrop, let’s fast forward thousands of years to the presentation of Jesu to the priest. Evidently we see that God uses

the simple things of this world to confound the wise

First we see Jesus (the very essence of life) born in a manger as there were no rooms in the inns. Then we see His parents turning up to the temple with Two Turtle Doves in compliance and adherence with the requirements of the law.

They were so ordinary that the priest lacking Spiritual Intelligence just blessed baby Jesus like any other child. The hierarchies have once again been bypassed, this time for two ordinary people with extraordinary spirits (Simeon and Anna) to rise to the occasion – Glory to God!

Friends we have what money cannot buy – we have in us the very life of God. As demonstrated by; Joseph, Mary, Simeon and Anna, lets stop chasing shadows at the expense of that which is transcending.

Break up your fallow grounds, for it is time to seek The Lord

Yes, thats what Time it is.


~ Sabali


Spiritual Intelligence: On His Majesty’s Secret Service

In Jerusalem there was a man named Simeon. He was a good and godly man. He was waiting for God’s promise to Israel to happen. The Holy Spirit was with him.

The Spirit had told Simeon that he would not die before he had seen the Lord’s Christ. The Spirit led him into the temple courtyard. Then Jesus’ parents brought the child in. They came to do for him what the Law required. Simeon took Jesus in his arms and praised God.

He said, “Lord, you are the King over all. Now let me, your servant, go in peace. That is what you promised. My eyes have seen your salvation. You have prepared it in the sight of all people. It is a light to be given to those who aren’t Jews. It will bring glory to your people Israel.”

What a beautiful account?! In Christian tradition Simeon is known as The God Receiver. This fella was simply introduced as a Righteous and Devout and Prayerful man. These qualities it seems are prerequisites for recruitment and commissioning in God’s Secret Service. Prophet Amos strengthens this argument when he boldly declared;

Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.

Simeon was the Man Of The Hour, he understood his assignment and he executed it with laser precision.

Recruitment is open all year my friends, apply and be a part of something good, better still – be a part of something awesome!


~ Sabali


Spiritual Intelligence: For King and Glory

For King and Glory…

In the chronicles of life we find the story of Lazarus; a man simply described as a friend of The Rabbi. In fact the famous story of the two sisters (Mary and Martha) was captured in his family home in Bethany as both subjects were his sisters – Mary the reflector and Martha the activist.

When Lazarus became terminally ill a message was sent to The Rabbi. Instead of responding to the severity immediately, he stayed behind for two more days. His explanation for this action was captured in these words to his apprentices:

His sickness won’t end in death. It will bring glory to God and his Son.

By the time He arrived at the scene, poor old Lazarus’ spirit had left his body, and his mortal frame decomposing in a tomb for four days. Little wonder why each sister made this statement at different episodes as this life drama unfolded:

Lord, If you had been here, my brother would not have died.

The Rabbi asked to be taken to Lazarus’ tomb, while He wept enroute. When they got there; He asked for the stone to be rolled away from the entrance, said His prayers, and with a loud voice declared:

Lazarus, come out!

He came out covered in grave clothes and The Rabbi said to them:

Untie him and let him go.

Friends on this blessed morning of February 14th 2014, permit me to submit to you that your change is coming. For our God is never late, He’s never early, He’s always on time! With that in mind, that situation you are facing right now is not your battle; but the King’s, and for His Glory.


~ Sabali