Reform and Progress

Thought Leaders Series: 2019 As a student of history, I have come to realise that achieving policy and institutional reforms, although extremely difficult, is still relatively easier than mobilising potential beneficiaries to see, engage and flourish from such changes. If one can draw from ancient antiquity, It is one thing to bring the people out … Continue reading Reform and Progress

An interview with Angela Middleton (Group Chair and Founder, MiddletonMurray)

Thought Leaders Series: 2018 Following the launch of our TED-Ed Club which kicks of in Sept this year, I received requests for information about Healingsprings fellowship and my background. This podcast is part of a series of interviews with politicians, business leaders, and professionals on their career journey by Group Chair and founder of MiddletonMurray, … Continue reading An interview with Angela Middleton (Group Chair and Founder, MiddletonMurray)

TED-Ed Club (Sundays, September 2nd – November 25th 2018)

Today @ Healingsprings fellowship Goldin (2014) defines human capital as the stock of knowledge, habits, social and personality attributes, including creativity, embodied in the ability to perform labour so as to produce economic value. This is pertinent because the main thrust of Healingsprings fellowship is human capital development. In other words, helping people harness and … Continue reading TED-Ed Club (Sundays, September 2nd – November 25th 2018)


Thought Leaders Series: 2018 Through much studies and reflection I have come to realise that leaders of most known faith traditions were trying to reshape the minds of their audience in light of the socioeconomic challenges upon them in their era. For example, Jesus was trying to move the Jews away from some of the … Continue reading Lenses

Holiday – Holy Day

Thought Leaders Series: 2018 The artist popularly known as Madonna released a hit single in 1983, entitled Holiday. Like all magical stories, Holiday had been turned down by singers Phyllis Hyman and Mary Wilson, formerly of The Supremes. In similar vein with the vision of the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, this song calls for … Continue reading Holiday – Holy Day