Spiritual Intelligence: Appointment With Destiny

An Appointment With Destiny…

Most times destiny springs-up upon us in ways we least expect. Its almost like the bait of The Adversary creates a platform for our lifting. With Rosa Parks for instance, it was the seating arrangements on the bus on that faithful day that led to the Tipping Point!

With that thought in mind, lets invite King Saul to the stage. In his quest to seek, save and return his father’s donkeys – he encountered the prophet Samuel. This meeting led to Saul being anointed king over Israel.

They can also be more dramatic like in the case of Joseph, who was stripped of his favourite coat and sold into slavery by his siblings. That exchange however led to Joseph being the Prime Minister of Egypt, and the mastermind behind humanity’s survival in a season of famine, hunger, displacement and hyperinflation.

Friends whatever shape or form it visits you on your journeys, do make sure you; recognise, embrace and guard it with all that you have. For in it you will find inner peace, purpose and fulfilment.


~ Sabali