Today @ Healingsprings fellowship

If the Bible is not infallible as tradition implies, do we then throw the baby and the bath water? My answer is emphatically no. As I believe faith can be harnessed as a force for good. But in order to achieve this good, leaders will need to be theologically educated (ideally in a tertiary institution …

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Today @ Healingsprings fellowship

Last week i noted that In terms of influence the Jews were only a footnote in history compared to other civilisations like Egypt, Greece, Ethiopia, Hittite, Assyria, Babylon, and Persia. In fact Jewish racial laws and customs would not have even allowed them to trade, or exert much cultural or political influence over their neighbours, …

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Next phase for Healingsprings fellowship!

I strongly believe that there is a spiritual shift happening and you have a part to play in it. Hence my thesis on Africa is that her problems requires more than ad hoc prayer meetings and collection of funds, but rather, a measured approach based on ideas, debates, spiritual and political will. Just as we …

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Thought Leaders Series: 2017

Where are the prophets? The prophets were not hyper mystical individuals as Christian tradition evokes, rather, they were thinkers, academics, social critics, community organisers; pressing for socioeconomic reforms for the people. They tackled the issues of their time headlong by Speaking Truth to Power, hence they were unpopular with the elites of their time.  When …

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JuneSeries2016: Freedom (Luke 4:18)

Sunday 19th June 2016 Speaker: Mike Chasterton, Tearfund Programme: 3:00 - 3:20 Welcome, Prayers & Worship 3:20 - 4:20 Lecture and Q&A session with Mike Chesterton 4:20 - 4:30 Giving & Closing Prayers 4:30 - 5:00 Refreshment and networking opportunities  Join us in proclaiming freedom, and living it as a reality!