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Foundations: God Bearers

Over the course of history Jewish leaders (priests, prophets, rabbis) have seen Scriptures as their foundation and most valuable asset. For instance, the study of the text was the only reason for a man to forego marriage once he has reached the age of responsibility.
With this in mind, we can understand the continuos reference of words like: “and God said…” in the creation story in Genesis, the power of the God’s word bringing to an abrupt halt the construction of the Tower of Babel, the admonition in Deuteronomy 8: “man shall not leave by bread alone, but by God’s decree”, etc. This cross cutting theme is also reflected in different guises in every book in the Old and New Testament. 
So, dear friends if words are powerful, then Divine Words are super powerful. Destinies can be shaped by right teaching, and derailed by misguided or short sighted teaching, more or less what Jesus termed “old wine, in new wine skin”
This Sunday I will make the connection between God and the bearers of his Word. It is important to note that since God spoke through people, to be an oracle of God was the most noble of vocation. As such Priests, Prophets, and much later Rabbis were held in very high esteem, as they laid and sustained the foundations on which all that lasts are nurtured and established.
The destiny of the people and the nation at large rested on the shoulders of these people, therefore in return, their welfare was the responsibility of the people.
Join us as we set foundations for 2017
We march in the light of Nahum’s assertions: 
(For the Lord is restoring the majesty of Jacob, as well as the majesty of Israel, though ravagers have ravaged them and ruined their branches.) – Nahum 2:2

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This Sunday @ Healingsprings fellowship!

Built To Last.

In a world obsessed with Pop Culture and excesses, the term success conjures a whole new meaning. 

Jesus faced the same challenges in his era. For instance, when the elites ridiculed his perspective on financial stewardship his answer was, 

‘for what is prized by human beings is an abomination in the sight of God.’ (Luke 16:15b).

In the same vein the preacher drew a sound conclusion to his thoughts with these words: 

‘Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, For this is man’s all.’ (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

Therefore our love for God and humanity makes wealth a force for good. 

To this end tomorrow’s lecture is entitled: Built to Last.

During the course of my talk I will explore 5 Pillars of Success, and 5 mind sets that can drown our dreams.

English Room,

Bexleyheath Academy, Woolwich Road, Bexleyheath, DA6 7DA


Spiritual Intelligence: Spirit To Spirit

If my people called by my name, humble themselves and pray, seek my face and depart from their wicked ways. I will hear from heaven and heal their land.

Friends, it is the start of a new week, and the last day of the month; a good time to take stock and carry out self appraisal. The Rabbi expressed this to His first set of disciples in these terms;
Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

I’ve come to realise that its one thing to know what to do, another to do it, and expedient to start early. So, we start from where we are, and we grow in grace as we follow. We follow by doing away with those things that impede our progress, replacing them with spiritual foundations, pillars and building blocks. As we grow, our lives become attractive to other seekers, suddenly we realise that we have become change agents in our own rights.

So, back to my opening verses, the called ones (my people) are to stand in the gap as living sacrifices through their lifestyle and prayers. Their sacrifices ascends to heaven as a sweet smelling aroma through the Holy Spirit, heaven receives it, and He returns bringing; righteousness, peace and joy.

For God is a spirit, and they that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.

I pray that this week our growth will be enabled, and our progress will be evident. I pray that God’s glory will be revealed in every facet of our lives, and our lives will be attractive to those around us. Amen.


~ Sabali