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3 Golden Minutes with Singer, Songwriter and Writer  – Sally Meadows

Sally Meadows

Hello! Whats the name of your organisation?
Sally Meadows Music
Q: Please describe your organisation
I am a Christian recording artist (singer/songwriter) and freelance writer.
Q: How long has it been in operation?
Officially coming up to three years, but decades in the making!
Q: So, what inspired you to step out?
I am a long-time worship leader and have been writing songs since 2001. But my professional career (as an educator) and being a wife/mother took precedence for many years. In 2010 I wrote a song to honour and inspire the Canadian Aboriginal students I worked with, and through God’s divine intervention, found a studio in 2011 in which to record it. I walked into the studio with one song, and ended up writing and recording a whole album! I also kicked my official freelance writing career into high gear around the same time. I love the creative process for both music and writing, so I have now made it the priority in this season of my life!
Q: Please tell us three things/areas you pride your organisation with?
1. The title track of my debut CD “Turn the Page” was nominated in the category “song lyrics” for a national 2013 “The Word Awards”, Canada’s largest  and most prestigious awards for those writing from a Christian perspective. I wrote and recorded this CD while I was working full-time.
2. My follow-up CD “Red & White”, a Christmas album, was released in December 2013. Despite its release late in the season, this album has been heard on radio stations across Canada and on an international Internet radio station reaching countries around the world! 
3. When someone tells me my songs or stories make them happy or make them cry, then I know their heart has been touched by Jesus through the gifts He has given me.
Q: Fantastic! Three things/areas that have posed the most challenges
1. Getting my music out there! If people (individuals, radio stations, distributors, stores) haven’t heard of you before, they are reluctant to give you a chance/listen. 
2. On the other hand, people who have known me for years in a professional capacity seem to find it difficult to shift their paradigm to see me as a bona fide recording artist and writer, even though I have been a musician and writing for decades.
 3. Health challenges that arose just after the release of my first CD “Turn the Page” hampered my ability to fully promote the CD. But thanks to God’s grace and mercy, I have steadily gotten better.
Q: What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting up?
Start small. Avoid going into debt. Be persistent. Life long learning. Keep Jesus at the centre of every decision you make.
Great! Thanks for your time. For further information:
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Twitter: @SallyMeadows
LinkedIn: Sally Meadows
Office Address: Canada

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Spiritual Intelligence: Emotional Capital

The heights by great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night.

~ Henry W Longfellow, Abolitionist, Poet and Educator.

As we embark on another voyage this week, this Poem comes to mind – a favourite of my late Mum’s. In fact for a long time I thought it was Shakespearean.

Friends I submit to you that true greatness is not for the fainthearted. Its the product of Selfless Service powered by passion and patience; tirelessly invested into what we believe and hold dear. But sadly this emotional capital has either been misdirected or hijacked for most.

In one of Paul’s letters of encouragement to his friends, he puts it this way;

But we’re not quitters who lose out. Oh, no! We’ll stay with it and survive, trusting all the way.

So, if you truly believe you are on the right path – just stay with it!


~ Sabali