Easter Sunday @ Healingsprings fellowship! 

Church Reloaded: Grace or Merit?

The saying by Jesus as recorded by Matthew: ‘Many are called, but a few are chosen’; has always been a source of much controversy within and outside the church.

Within the church it has been used to promote some sort of elitism, strengthen the concept of predestination, or as an excuse for mediocrity. 

The unchurched sometimes use it as an reason for disengagement with Christianity, hence statements like: ‘You are chosen, I am not blessed with the gift of faith’.

To this end, this Easter Sunday our focal point is on Matt. 22:1-24, under the title: Grace or Merit?

Drawing from other biblical texts and contemporary thoughts, this lecture will examine the following key themes:

  • the context that gave birth to this statement;
  • what the writer was trying to convey to his audience at the time it was written; and 
  • what we can glean from it in our era

I’m so excited about what God is doing through our Church Reloaded series, so I extend an invite to you!


Art Centre, Drama Room, Bexleyheath Academy, Woolwich Rd, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7DA 

(Free parking in front of the school and adjacent streets)


This Sunday at Healingsprings fellowship!

Our Big Sunday Celebration can be best described as a community Christian festival. So in the spirit of thanksgiving, together we: sing, pray, give, celebrate life, discuss current affairs, present thoughts from Biblical themes, and encourage one another; like one big family!

In the movie, The Matrix, there is a brilliant scene where Morpheus presents Neo with the choice of a red or blue pill. The Blue pill take it’s host through the path of blissful ignorance (The Illusion of Ignorance), while the Red pill leads it’s host through tough, hard, rugged terrains (The Truth of Reality).

Rewind back thousands of years before the movie, and we faced with a similar question by a famous king. Overwhelmed with too much information like we are today, Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?”

With this in mind, this Sunday’s lecture is entitled ‘Destiny: Red or Blue Pill?

So why not drop-in for a life-changing experience? This 90 mins might end up being a catalyst for some awesome things.

(6:00 – 7:30)pm

Bexleyheath Academy, Woolwich Road, Bexleyheath, Kent DA6 7D

There are free parking spaces directly in front of the school and on adjacent streets


Spiritual Intelligence: The Choice Is Yours

Mature people take responsibility for their actions, but an immature one passes the blame. Perhaps one of the reasons behind this behavioural pattern is because we can’t predict or control the impact of our actions most times.

One of the functions of the prophet or preacher is to highlight future consequences of our actions, with a view that we avert them through effective change. But sadly, they are most times perceived as killjoys, social misfits or party poopers.

We see a beautiful example in one of Moses’ address as part of his nation building agenda;

If the Lord makes you wealthy, but you don’t joyfully worship and honor him, he will send enemies to attack you and make you their slaves. Then you will live in poverty with nothing to eat, drink, or wear, and your owners will work you to death.

Notice he presciently used the word, “If” – denoting our sense of choice.

In Human Geography there is a saying that “Water finds its level”. This simply means that voids have to be filled. So at the expense of a worshipful life, we have one that is always wanting and longing. We drift from one buzz to a higher, under the deception that we are free. Soon we are no longer in control, but slaves to these fleeting desires.

In the words of Ravi Zecharias;

Don’t mistake empty-mindedness for open-mindedness

So… Fill that void with the right stuff!


~ Sabali