Today @ Healingsprings fellowship

Our God is sovereign!

Not just in principle, but also in practice.
And that we have been endowed with Free Will, a gift that can either add value to our lives and humanity at large, or diminish it. 

Last week, I examined Prov. 11:14 & 15:22; using 1 Kings 22:1-40 as our Case Study. During the course of my talk, I stressed the importance of quality advice and guidance in fulfilling our purpose.

So, today I’ll be building on that foundation, this time with a closer look into the life of Micaiah, someone I see as an outlier. As with most of the prophets of old, I believe that those at fringes of their calling are about to be rewarded for their values, faithfulness, and vision.

So, we continue in the strength of our theme for 2016: Our Year of Plenty (Gen 41:46-49), as we plant seeds of prayers, prophetic declaration, and thanksgiving for 2017 (Our Year of Restoration).

We march in the light of Nahum’s assertions: 
(For the Lord is restoring the majesty of Jacob, as well as the majesty of Israel, though ravagers have ravaged them and ruined their branches.) – Nahum 2:2

Join us!
3pm (light refreshment afterwards)

The Parish Hall 

St John’s Sidcup,

Church Road, 


Kent DA14 6BX