Reform and Progress

Thought Leaders Series: 2019 As a student of history, I have come to realise that achieving policy and institutional reforms, although extremely difficult, is still relatively easier than mobilising potential beneficiaries to see, engage and flourish from such changes. If one can draw from ancient antiquity, It is one thing to bring the people out … Continue reading Reform and Progress

Fixed mindset v Growth mindset

Thought Leaders Series: 2019 The issue with religious folks (all faiths) lies in their understanding and interpretation of ‘reality’. For religious folks reality is subjective, therefore events and history is subjective. In other words reality is seen only through the theological or doctrinal tenets of their ‘sacred text’. The issue here is that these sacred … Continue reading Fixed mindset v Growth mindset

Thought Leaders Series: 2018

The Jobs That Artificial Intelligence Will Create by H. James Wilson, Paul R. Daugherty, and Nicola Morini-Bianzino A global study finds several new categories of human jobs emerging, requiring skills and training that will take many companies by surprise. #business #education #training #artificialintelligence #businessintelligence #globalization Reachout | Revive | Recover Healingsprings fellowship: Human … Continue reading Thought Leaders Series: 2018

Christian doctrines

Thought Leaders Series: 2018 There are three major areas in Christianity: God (a large part of our understanding of this concept emerges from the Text we commonly refer to as the Old Testament), Jesus (sources include the Gospels and writings, mostly in the Texts we commonly refer to as the New Testament), and the Doctrines … Continue reading Christian doctrines