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Our Mission

In line with the 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations, Healingsprings fellowship is focused on Goal 4 (Quality Education).

We believe that every human being is packed with gifts and talents beyond their imagination. Consequently, Healingsprings fellowship is a social enterprise aimed at harnessing and developing human capital. Our mission is to inspire people to harness the power of ideas through social connections. To empower them to be lifelong learners, and to mobilise them to be active in the public sphere in providing solutions to social challenges. 

We achieve our aims and objectives:

  • Origins and Beyond: bi-monthy public lectures aimed at tackling social issues and current affairs. It takes the shape of public lectures and panel discussion with panel members and members of the audience. 
  • Thought Leaders Series: moral imagination nudges through the Thought Leaders Series. These include daily micro-blogs, news item, or quotes; aimed at stirring the moral imagination of our audience. They are sent out to subscribers on WhatsApp groups, blog sites, Twitter, Linked In and Instagram.
  • Podcasts: talks and interviews with thoughtleaders on topical issues.
  • Partnerships: corporate sponsorships with corporate sponsors and NGOs, especially in developing countries in designing and developing innovative accessible quality interventions.

These objectives are facilitated through our pool of highly skilled volunteers and experts. Projects are funded via financial support from members, corporate partners, and crowdfunding campaigns. 

  Join us!

To support our programmes please click the link below. Funds will go towards exisitng and future projects.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Be a part of something. Be a part of something awesome!

We are looking for people with passion and commitment in the following areas:

  • Graphics design
  • Music
  • Media
  • Sound engineering
  • Web development
  • Photography
  • Community organising 

If you would like the opportunity to learn, develop and express yourself within a dynamic people-centred organisation, please send me an email: clem@healingsprings.org.uk 

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