Business Post 2020

It is imperative that leaders understand that their firms are first and foremost technology companies, and secondly, that they are competing in a global market. When you understand that you are simply a global technology company that offers XYZ, that paradigm shift in thinking will automatically reshape your product development.


Trade and Foreign Affairs

The Athenian envoys said to the Melians:

We both know that the decisions about justice are made in human discussions only when both sides are under equal compulsion, but when one side is stronger, it gets as much as it can, and the weak must accept that” – (416 B.C.E)

In similar vain, Africa’s cry for justice and fairness at negotiating tables is in vain, until we are seen as equals. Sadly as in ancient antiquity, the strong still plunder the weak in the 21st century.

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Hero Worship

Hero worship is historical and present in most faith traditions. For instance, one can find it in Christianity with Jesus being the hero of humanity through his ‘sacrificial death’ and ‘resurrection’ thereby providing ‘salvation’ for humanity.

Heroes are also linked to the concept of ‘sonship’. So we have people that were referred to as ‘sons of God/a god’ as they were said to accomplish great exploits through ‘divine’ intervention. Even great rulers were known as ‘sons of God’.

Therefore the debate between faith traditions has mostly revolved around the concept of ‘unique Sonship’. Hence the efforts of writers of the letters we refer today as the ‘the New Testament’ in establishing Jesus as ‘God’s only son’.

However, there are other wider questions against this position. Some scholars even argue that we are all in fact — sons and daughters of God, and no one is unique in any sense.

By and large, one could argue that religion provides simple answers to complex questions about life and meaning. Whether or not those answers are necessary and sufficient is really down to individuals — and rightly so in my humble opinion!

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