Healingsprings fellowship’s Workforce Recovery Initiative

Due to the economic impact of the present pandemic, academics and policy makers agree that we are currently faced with two major problems: high level of unemployment, and a deskilled workforce as a result of economic inactivity.

At Healingsprings fellowship we believe we can help reduce these figures through our Workforce Recovery Initiative by opening up volunteering opportunities coupled with high quality skills training.

To this end we have developed 6month projects from our backlog for web developers, project managers, product developers, user experience testers, events managers, sponsorship managers, digital marketers, cyber security analysts, IT Administrators, bloggers, community organisers, graphic designers etc.

This will provide opportunities for skilled unemployed people to work on real life exciting projects in return for social connections, coaching, mentoring, and high quality training courses via Coursera and other providers. 

This three-way relationship (volunteer, course provider/ or sponsor, and Healingsprings fellowship) will go a long way in improving our existing products, and developing new ones for our subscribers.

In return:

  • Volunteers will develop their skills and confidence in an ever changing job market. Making them job ready and attractive.
  • Corporate sponsors will be addressing their corporate social responsibility by investing in volunteers by offering scholarships, funding courses, or providing access to courses in their catalogue through a voucher scheme.
  • We all know the importance of working collectively on our self esteem, wellbeing, and sense of meaning; furthermore, this is truly a worthy cause.

    So please of get in touch if you would like to partner with us as we invest in the future of humanity at

    Thank you!

    Healingsprings fellowship: harnessing the power of ideas through social connections

    By Clement Akran

    Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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