Healingsprings fellowship TED-Ed Club

In collaboration with TED, we will be delivering workshops on researching, communications, and public speaking skills; for young people between the ages of 11-18.

2nd Sept to 25th Nov 2018

13 workshops, from 3pm – 4:30pm on Sundays

Malcolm is a great example of a change-maker: he saw a problem and created a solution.

In his Talk, Malcolm outlines his personal change-making journey in a clear story arc.

FIRST: he explains what needed to be changed.

SECOND: he states why a change was necessary.

THIRD: he describes how he made the change happen.

We love it when participants demonstrate the power of positive action!

Watch video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Fa89uo3RpY8&utm_source=TED-Ed+Club+Approved+Facilitators+and+Members&mc_eid=faeea720bc&feature=youtu.be&utm_medium=email&mc_cid=9140ba780e&utm_campaign=9140ba780e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2017_07_28_COPY_01&utm_term=0_f200a7ad23-9140ba780e-51526897

Register today via clem@healingsprings.org.uk, or send me a text.

Human Capital Development: Healingsprings fellowship


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