The Power of Stories in Shaping and Reshaping our Worldview

Thought Leaders Series: 2018

The primary reason why we hold on doctrinal problems is largely because of our Sunday school experience.

For example, the idea of an angry God who requires the brutal death and blood of his incarnate son in order to reconcile with his creation is a major doctrine in Christian settings.

Consequently, any idea which contradicts or challenges this position fundamentally disrupts our understanding of the divinity of Jesus and perhaps most important, our understanding of how the world works.

This is because stories passed on at an early age are both powerful and dangerous. They are in fact some of the most difficult mindsets to unlearn.

Even when we are presented with better arguments and facts, we still find it immensely painful to detach from them. As such we end up upholding them simply for sentimental reasons.

Healingsprings fellowship: Human Capital Development

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