Jesus in History

Thought Leaders Series: 2018

In a bid to highlight the divinity of Jesus, the writers of the gospel avoided attributes of Jesus’ humanity.

And because their writings are treated as biographical accounts, instead of theological interpretation, their audiences are often misled about Jesus in history.

For example, Jesus is presented as being led by the Spirit, offering prayers, fasting, performing miracles, discerning thoughts, speaking prophetically; but never seen to be engaged in any form of scholarship, not even the Torah, or any of the Jewish commentaries available in that time.

We are not told that Jesus studied under Rabbis, and that he would have been in education from the age of 5 to at least 12, when you learn a vocation for about 2years in preparation for marriage. Those that were exceptionally academic, were allowed to continue till they were 15, which is likely to be the path of Jesus.

The gospel without scholarly theological underpinning presents a grave danger which we see manifested in the Church, especially in Protestant settings.

Sadly, we are not given to much studies, and if ever we do, it has to be the Bible. To make matters worse, in some circles it has to be the King James Version (KJV).

This breeds narrow minded citizens, people void of enlightened thinking. People that are overly heaven centric, and alien to challenges upon humanity in the here and now. These same challenges that draws us to be salt and light, a city set upon a hill, a light in darkness.

So in their bid to project Jesus’ divinity, the unintended consequence becomes a Church that distrusts academia, or any form of rational, or progressive thinking. In fact, a closed Church.

A Church that undermines scholarship, in favour of mediocrity. A Church that uses Scriptures to justify racism, genocide, apartheid, colonialism; and in recent times, separation of children from their parents.

A Church that uses Scriptures to justify mass deportation of innocent people. People who are only trying to better the lot of themselves, their children and extended family.

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