From Order to Chaos: a study on Exodus

Thought Leaders Series: 2018

In their telling of their creation myth, the redactors of the Old Testament, take us on a journey from the book of Genesis, where Yahweh brings order into a chaotic world, to Exodus where Yahweh introduces chaos into the order, in his quest to deliver them from slavery, owing to his covenant with Abraham.

But perhaps the most profound lesson one can deduce from the book of Exodus is centred around the concept of self-offering (Kenosis).

Moses exemplified Kenosis, as he forsakes the wealth, comfort, power and influence of the royal family to fight for the liberation of his people.

This concept is embedded into the fabric of Judaism through these Texts. In fact we also see it in the stories of other key figures, for example, Abraham, David, Esther, Ruth, Ezra, Nehemiah and even much later Jesus.

Consequently, as a forethought we will explore ideas from a statement by Martin Buber (philosopher and existentialist), as we build upon foundations laid in our study on Exodus.

Buber notes,

“God does not want to be believed in, to be debated and defended by us, but simply to be realised through us” ― Martin Buber, On Judaism

Join us at 3pm for From Order to Chaos: a study on Exodus

St John the Evangelist Hall, Church Rd, Sidcup DA14 6BX

Healingsprings fellowship: Human Capital Development

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By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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