Stand Up Against Neo-segregation #Windrush

Thought Leaders Series: 2018

On my way back from an event at the House of Parliament to address the challenges facing undocumented citizens from the Caribbean, a . policy that can at best be described as neo-segregation, I overheard three professionals talking casually about plans for their holidays to the Caribbean. Nothing was mentioned about visas, mostly about resorts and activities while there.

Sadly this is not the case for some from the Windrush generation. We now have long standing members of our communities being treated like criminals as a result of policies by this government in their bid to help UKIP further their agenda to polarise our communities.

People who have suffered racism, classism, denied opportunities, being treated like criminals. People who have not been able to take a holiday, or visit loved ones as a result of not having the ‘right’ document.

Nation states are manmade. Borders are artificial, even these documents are arbitrary.

If we created them, we can stand up against them when their purpose serve as tools for oppression.

Big props to @HackneyAbbott @DavidLammy @DawnButlerBrent, The Windrush Cultural Archives, other organisations, and individuals who came up to share their awful ordeals in the hands of this Tory government.

Moving forward, we need to harness this political will, and build on this momentum for equality, and equality of opportunities.

Why should some passports be treated more favourable than others in the 21st century?

Let us push the boundaries further for a borderless world.

A passport should not be used as a tool for neo-segregation!

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