“Education, education, education” – Tony Blair

Thought Leaders Series: 2018

The traditional Christian view that humans are inherently evil stems from the philosophy in Judaism that God is their Father by virtue of his covenant with Abraham, and all other people (Gentiles) are enemies of God.

This view was further strengthened by the Apostolic Fathers, especially Augustine’s doctrine of Original Sin.

Interestingly scientists and anthropologists hold a contrasting view. The prevailing view is that humans are inherently good, and this is evident in our ability to cooperate in large numbers to solve a problems. In fact this is one of the reasons why we have survived, also the reason why we rule the world.

This being the case, the need for a holistic approach to education becomes a priority for the future of our existence. Through history we have seen public opinion change laws, and advance morality and ethics. To this end laws and ethical framework are not concrete phenomena, but fluid positions that change with public opinion.

For instance, as well as the economic argument, slavery was in part abolished through a change in public opinion. The same goes for colonialism, apartheid, civil rights, women’s rights etc.

In similar vein, if our educational system is poor all these gains can easily be lost or reversed. For example, it leads to groupthink. As such our minds are clouded, we end up voting in terrible leaders. Leaders who exhibit poor ethical standards, leaders who enact laws and policies that take us backwards, instead of forward.

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