Thought Leaders Series: 2018

Like most people that made positive impact and left a legacy in this world, Jesus spent 30years preparing himself for a public ministry which most theologians argue spans between 2-3years.

During those years of his public ministry he was hugely unpopular, so much so that the people demanded the release of Barabbas (a man thrown in prison for insurrection against the Roman authorities and murder) when presented a choice.

Even after his death it will take centuries before his thoughts and ideas gained any form of mainstream traction.

However those 30years to me are more vital than the years of his public ministry. Those years were years of ugly hard work. The sort of effort and perspiration that eventually makes you an ‘overnight success’. This hard work the world never gets to know, see, or even talk about.

Therefore, in order to produce work that the world sees and celebrates, we have to first be willing to consistently produce work that no one might see or even notice.

Dear friends, our effort must be consistent, deliberate, and regularly improved through personal or external feedback process in order for them to yield any sort of dividends. This is particularly important in our season of obscurity.

Sometimes, this even involves working for free with a view to learn and master our craft. We can only make demands when we are in demand.

Let’s go to work!

Reachout | Revive | Recover

By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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