Thought Leaders Series: 2018

In order to understand a phenomenon, first seek to grasp the concept. Until you achieve this all your toil is futile.

Once you grasp the concept, then you will be able to spot the patterns and trends from the facts or data.

With regards to Christianity for instance, it is not about memorising facts or data (Scriptures), and forcing it into our lives by faith (living by faith), but about understanding the various Jewish concepts of the Divine in the Old Testament, and how they translate into Jesus’ teaching as captured in the New Testament. Then we begin the tedious exercise of trying to work out what that thought or idea means in today’s World.

It is not about ‘Bible believing’, more about understanding what the contributors of the library we know as ‘The Bible’, were trying to convey based on their understanding of the Divine and how the World operates.

Therefore be wary of people who take the Bible literally. We know through history that their interpretations of the Bible often cost lives, and create negative operative narratives in the minds of people. These operative narratives become deep seated in their psyche, preventing them from unlocking and harnessing the fullness of their God-given potentials.

They often miss the Big Picture of what the Text is trying to convey, and what that means in their time.

Revive | Recover | Revive

By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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