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I strongly believe that there is a spiritual shift happening and you have a part to play in it. Hence my thesis on Africa is that her problems requires more than ad hoc prayer meetings and collection of funds, but rather, a measured approach based on ideas, debates, spiritual and political will.

Just as we saw with the defeat and Exile of Israel and Judah becoming building blocks for reconstruction, development, and nation building; I believe this is Africa’s time.

For Ezra and his company that returned after The Exile, defeat was an opportunity to rebuild a nation that was not centred around individuals, but one centred around People hood. As such, instead of looking outward to their oppressors (Babylon, Persia, Greece, Assyria), they looked inwardly at the problems leading to their demise. Then they realised that their true oppressors were actually their monarchs and nobles.

So this new Nation will not be centred around: The Temple, military might, or even the land; but, on the people. Hence a covenant that bound them as the Common Wealth of Israel (the 12 tribes) to One God and his decrees. And a fit for purpose educational programme to embed this idea.

Knowledge was democratised using the Tanakh (the Jewish Bible) as a framework. The monopoly of the Priests as custodians of God’s word was discontinued. Through the Rabbis this education was compulsory and accessible to all. The framework or curriculum comprised of history, philosophy, theology, culture, wisdom, civic life, law, best practices and medicine.

With this framework their self worth will no longer depend on their lineage, location, situation, or circumstances; but, by their sense of identity. This framework will eventually sustain them through earthquakes, famine and wars. It prepared the foundations for the ministry of Jesus. And through the life and ministry of Jesus, we now speak of a kingdom that knows no race, a kingdom of peace and prosperity, a kingdom that knows no end.

Dear friends, with your support we are looking to design a similar template for the developing World, starting with Africa. A framework that addresses current challenges, one that is robust enough to deal with those of the future. I believe we have the opportunity to lay the foundations for something unique, based on the successes and failures of the West. Perhaps most importantly, by harnessing Africa’s rich cultural diversity and capital.

Starting from October 2017, I feel led to start running monthly seminars on the The future of Africa.

If you feel led to be part of this move of God, or you are part of an organisation with a similar plight, please get in touch via email:

Everybody has something to contribute regardless of faith, race, age, or background. This platform is open to anyone who truly believes that everyone has a right to a decent quality of life here on earth. And to organisations that are looking for partnership opportunities.


Pastor Clem

Healingsprings fellowship

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By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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