Today @ Healingsprings fellowship

Our God is sovereign! 

Not just in principle, but also in practice.
With Trump’s victory in the US., I hear christians declaring that Trump must be God’s Will, because God is sovereign.
The question then arises: If God is all knowing, all powerful, ever present, and good; why is there evil in the world?
Well, I submit to you that Trump like any leader in a democratic process is the will of the people, not necessarily God’s. 
Therefore, our leaders are portraits of the values we hold dear as a people. 
So, today I will be treating The Problem of Evil, and Free Will.  
We continue in the strength of our theme for 2016: Our Year of Plenty (Gen 41:46-49), as we plant seeds of prayers, prophetic declaration, and thanksgiving for 2017 (Our Year of Restoration).
We march in the light of Nahum’s assertions: 

(For the Lord is restoring the majesty of Jacob, as well as the majesty of Israel, though ravagers have ravaged them and ruined their branches.) – Nahum 2:2

Join us!
3pm (light refreshment afterwards)

The Parish Hall 

St John’s Sidcup,

Church Road, 

Sidcup, Kent DA14 6BX

By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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