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According to most writers in the bible, the Jews were warned against marriage to Gentiles (non-Jews), except they converted to Judaism. In fact there were clear guidelines for conversion for men and women. 

So much so that most of the prophets challenged intermarriage with neighbouring nations, and state it as the chief reason behind their inability to comply with the articles of the Covenant, which eventually leads to Yahweh’s judgement and the Exile. 

Therefore, in comparison to other books in the Old Testament, the Book of Ruth presents an unconventional story of race relations and worship for Jews in ancient antiquity. 
The story challenged social and cultural norms, and theology, in new and radical ways at the time it was written, and it still does today. 

As such questions have to asked about scriptures as presented in library of writings we know today as the Bible. 
So join us as I lay the foundations for my series on the Book of Ruth. 

As per usual, I will be doing some ground work today by way of history, background and context, to set the scene for this epic journey into purpose, meaning and destiny.


The English Room,

Bexleyheath Academy,

Woolwich Road,




By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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