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Dorothy Otite

D Otite3 Golden Minutes with Dorothy Otite, founder Swish Luxury…

Hello Dorothy! I hear you’ve been doing exploits in the field of design. So, what’s the name of your organisation?

Swish Luxury

Please describe it to our readers

We are an online business that produce and retail exclusive interior textiles and accents that illuminate and transform your space.

Wow! I now see why you’ve not been able to attend any of our events to date. How long has it been in operation?

Firstly, I must apologise for not honouring any of the invitations to your events. I’m not one to make excuses… but you know that I’ve got your back always and will make up for it in a big way soon! Very well done on what you’re doing for God’s Kingdom and in fulfilment of God’s Purpose for your life! You’re truly an Inspiration!

We’ve been in operation since 2013, starting out making soft furnishing with African Print fabrics. We had a negative experience that propelled us into launching our new exclusive Swish Luxury range in May this year. Basically, we turned a negative experience on its head!

OK, OK, you are forgiven! So tell us, in the end what inspired you to step out?

One word ‘Passion’. I left my well-paid Corporate job to spend more time with my family and then decided to follow my passion for interiors. With no formal interior design qualification, using what some people call ‘raw’ talent, I forged ahead. Interestingly, I had always dreamt of presenting a TV show in Interiors (called Glam up my pad). I pursued this dream only briefly a couple of years back, only for it to come back to hunt me again!

Who knows? You could still end up on TV! Tell us three things/areas you pride Swish Luxury with?

  • Exclusivity: Our products are exclusive to us. We have the Design Rights for our fabrics from the Intellectual Property Office. This means that our customers are assured of the authenticity of our products.
  • Quality: Our products are of excellent quality and are made in England by some of the best craftsmen. This means our customers are assured of the quality and durability of our products.
  • Uniqueness: Our fabrics can be described as a fusion of vibrant colours, tropical flowers and contemporary designs. This means our products illuminate any space they are placed in and form perfect statement pieces or accents for the customers’ interior decor.

What has been your greatest challenge or challenges so far?

My greatest challenge so far has been working as a ‘Lonepreneur’. With about 20 years experience of working as part of a team or managing teams in the corporate world, working alone came as a shock to my system! To provide a fine balance, I make conscious effort to bridge this gap by networking regularly either in person or online with like-minded people.

I love the term “lonepreneur”, a first for me! So, what advice would you give to someone thinking of starting up?

I would say do your research and step out in faith! Faith is the ONLY divine currency you need to start up, money isn’t! Remember this, if you don’t do it someone else will and you will live a life of regret. So get going! Don’t wait for perfect conditions! They don’t exist! Start where you are! Your passion will always lead you to fulfil God’s purpose in your life. In the end, what really matters is completing the assignment you were called to do! That’s the only way you can die empty! The world is waiting to celebrate you, yes you!

Wow! I’m fired-up already. Finally, what are your plans for the next 3 years?

I’m really excited about the future and I’d like to share some bullet points, highlighting my plans for the next three years:
  • Becoming a known brand in the Interior Decor sector.
  • Having a Showroom or a Studio as a base for the business.
  • Having a concession in at least one high street store.
  • Having a strong client base.
  • Having a world-wide list of stockists for our products.

Great, you seem to be right on track, so I best leave you to get on with making beautiful things! Thanks for your time. Friends, for further information about Dorothy Otite and Swish Luxury:

Email Address:
Phone number: +44 208 144 9340

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