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Becky Miles

3 Golden Minutes with Becky Miles, London Church Relations Manager – Biblica 

Becky Miles


Q. How long have you been an apprentice of Christ and how did it happen?

It’s hard for me to define how long I’ve been a Christian. I was brought up going to Church and through my teenage years I feel like I went through a slow process of really coming to faith. I do remember praying at a big event called Soul in the City in 2004 to God that this is what I wanted my life to be about.

Q. Three things/areas that have posed the most challenges in your apprenticeship?

  • Studying theology at  university was the hardest thing my faith ever went through. My faith, as I knew it, was ripped to shreds and it took me years to put the pieces back together though I feel my faith is much firmer for having done so.
  • I’m always creating jobs/tasks to do for myself which means I often have an A4 page of things to get done in a week. I struggle therefore sometimes with just sitting still and having quiet time with God. It’s always worth it when I do though!
  • There seems to be a worry gene passed down through my family. I often presume the worst will happen and can find it difficult to trust God’s in control.

Q. If you had to run an induction programme for a new apprentice, tell me three things you will cover?

  • Read your Bible every day. It makes such an impact on your daily life as a Christian.
  • Don’t be afraid to really think about your faith. God gave us brains to think with, and people will challenge you with questions. It doesn’t mean you’ll have the answers, but it’s good to know what you believe and to have thought about it too.
  • You’re not the centre of the universe- God is (and thanks goodness that’s the case). We’re so loved that Jesus died for us which means we’re so precious BUT when we let go of that it’s all about us it frees us up to love people in the way God wants us to.

Q. Wow! Tell us about your current project for the kingdom?

I am really blessed to work for Biblica as London Church Relations Manager. Biblica have an amazing 200 year history of publishing and translating the Bible, including being key sponsors of the NIV translation. They know how important  it is for people to have access to God’s Word, but they’re also passionate  about ensuring when people are given a Bible they engage with it and read it well.

The key focus of my role is with an amazing Bible engagement project we have called Community Bible Experience. This project was started on the basis that we know people are not engaging with their Bibles as often as they should. Community Bible Experience has been designed to help people quit some bad Bible reading habits such as only reading the Bible in fragments, out of context and in isolation.

We’ve done some really exciting but simple things such as take out artificial formatting in the Bible such as verse and chapter number and columns, and re-ordered the books of the Bible to provide more. We’re also asking for churches to commit to reading the whole New Testament over 40 days coming together once a week in a format like a book club than a Bible study.

It’s so exciting to hear the stories coming out from churches who have done Community Bible Experience; people are coming to faith, people who’ve been Christians for years are having their faith deepened; and people are becoming more willing to engage with their church to name a few things we’re hearing.

Q. Your favourite bible verse?

‘….The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself with love.’ (Galatians 5:6)- this summarises what our lives should be about as a Christian.

Q. Your favourite worship song?

It’s more of a hymn than a worship song but Amazing Grace but the words and the melody are just so beautiful.

Great! Thanks for your time. Dear friends for further information;

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