Spiritual Intelligence: Sharpen Your Axe!

The Lord replies,

“Write down the message I am showing you in a vision.
Write it clearly on the tablets you use.
Then a messenger can read it
and run to announce it.
The message I give you
waits for the time I have appointed.
It speaks about what is going to happen.
And all of it will come true.
It might take a while.
But wait for it.
You can be sure it will come.
It will happen when I want it to.

Our minds conceive ideas, our spirit drive ideas. In accelerating the reach and increase the surface area of the idea, people of like minds are connected. The job of the leader is to communicate, inspire, and empower these people to harness and maximise their potentials through the delivery processes.

In my opening quote from the book of Habakkuk, we see clear instructions to the prophet on how to get the job done which I have summarised in these words;

Write it, Tell it to stakeholders, Work on it, and Be Patient.

A cross cutting theme here is Communication, this includes; oral, visual and written elements. So, we need to find new ways of communicating, while we keep fine-tuning existing channels.

Emotional Capital is not an infinite resource, if your stakeholders hit empty they will simply stop running. This creates a drag in the system – much effort but slow progress. So sharpen your axe!

In the words of our wise friend Solomon;

If an axe is dull
and one doesn’t sharpen it first,
then one must exert more force.
It’s profitable to be skillful and wise.


~ Sabali

By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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