Spiritual Intelligence: Occupy Planet Earth

I open up today’s thought with this question: Who has the final say?

Well… In a football match the referee, in the courts of law the judge, however in the affairs of life I submit to you – almighty God!

In one of Peter’s letters of encouragement and profession of his faith in the Unchangeable Changer, he used these words to his audience:

For all power belongs to God, now and forever

With that in mind, we are called to be steadfast and unmovable in our; vision, values and beliefs. To be trusting in faith and to exercise laser focused precision in our determination as He unfolds our destiny.

Friends as our spirits mingle with His Spirit through; worship, devotion and service, we become His representatives here on earth – manifesting His power and love through our various vocation.

And as we do, we contribute our quota in the fulfilment of the heavenly mandate to Occupy till He comes!


~ Sabali

By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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