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Bobbie Ann Cole

3 Golden Minutes with the Testimony Lady, Author and Teacher  – Bobbie Ann Cole


Hello! Whats the name of your organisation?

Testimony Train

Q: Please describe you organisation

I am known as the Testimony Lady because I help people hone their Jesus stories and dare to share. In my own faith memoir ‘She Does Not Fear the Snow’ I tell the story of how Jesus claimed me in a Jerusalem church, where, as a Jew, I thought I wasn’t supposed to be. He then laid a trail of miracles that led me to a new husband of faith. It’s a Ruth story.

Q: How long has it been in operation?

18 months

Q: So, what inspired you to step out?

Jesus gave me a fantastic story. He also told me to teach others how to tell their Jesus stories.

Q: Please tell us three things/areas you pride your organisation with?

  1. ‘She Does Not Fear the Snow’ is being well-received, with lots of great reviews at, and Goodreads.
  2. It made No. 1 in the Amazon Kindle charts for Biographies & Memoirs of Women and Messianic Judaism (Jews who believe in Jesus) during freebie promos.
  3. The Encounters with Jesus Write Your Testimony Course has done wonders for students’ confidence and deepened their faith. This March, I begin Training the Testimony Teachers to ripple this out to Christian group leaders.  

Q: Fantastic! Three things/areas that have posed the most challenges?

  1. Creating revenue streams to at least cover costs
  2. Launching the Testimony Train Blog
  3. Learning about platform and social media

Q: What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting up?

Do what you’re comfortable with and be kind to yourself about the things you are not – get help where you need it or take it real slow, if you want to learn to do things yourself.  It’s a long-term project. 

Great! Thanks for your time. For further information:

Web Address: (free ‘Start Writing Your Christian Testimony’ workbook)
Email Address:
Twitter: @cole_bobbie
LinkedIn: Bobbie Ann Cole
Office Address: I am based part of the year in New Brunswick, Canada and part in Canterbury, England.

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