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Kolade Adebayo-Oke

3 Golden Minutes with Pastor Kolade Adebayo-Oke  

Hello! Whats the name of your organisation?
The Grace Ministries Incorporating The Come and Praise The Lord Fellowship (CPLF). Registered charity no 1050946
Q: Please describe your organisation
The organisation was set up to, first and foremost, provide an informal forum where believers in the Lord Jesus Christ could come together in fellowship on Saturday evenings, as well as meet for Bible Study on Monday evenings; secondly to operate an itinerant ministry whereby the Gospel would be spread within and outside the UK; this would involve missionary and other ministry activities including the raising of funds to alleviate poverty in the lives of as many individuals, groups and communities as possible the world over.
Q: How long has it been in operation?
22 years
Q: So, what inspired you to step out?
A heart for God and His people (actual and potential).
Q: Please tell us three things/areas you pride most about your organisation
1. The joy of the Lord that attends our times of fellowship (Matthew 18:20)
2.The quiet (without any fanfare) but effective outreach and ‘helps’ (spiritually and materially) to many who need assistance within and outside the UK, including indigent students, unemployed persons, down and outs, and diligent itinerant ministers, etc.
3. Our focus on the Word and commitment to practising what we preach. 
Q: Ok, three things/areas that have posed the most challenges?
1. Finding funds
2. Meeting the needs of many of the people, groups and communities as we would love to help (demand exceeding supply) 
3. Unnecessary bureaucracy (red tape) in some places we would like to reach
Q: Finally, what advice would you give to someone thinking of starting up?
Pray fervently for help, guidance and direction. Also trust and obey God. Do all things to the glory of God. Be hardworking and diligent. Make sure you are sincere and have the right heart. Be patient and ready for the long haul, always remembering that it’s not about financial success but about souls. 
Great! Thanks for you time. For further information:
Web Address:
Email Address:
Contact number(s): 0773147304702086779096
Office Address:
  • 11 Vectis Road, London, SW17 9RF
  • CPLF, PO Box 46394, London SW17 9UE

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5 replies on “Kolade Adebayo-Oke”

Hi Chief,
Saw your profile on the Internet and thought to leave a message, as have not contacted you as I said I would quite some time ago. Hope all is well with you and the family.
Best wishes,
Wale Ogun

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