Essay: Snakes and Ladders

Flight, The Movie

Flight was released in 2012, starring Denzel Washington. The movie was nominated for two Academy Awards at the 85th Academy Awards, this includes Best Actor (Denzel Washington) and Best Original Screenplay (John Gatins).


Friends, lies are like snakes, they bite when we least expect and they bring us down. But like a ladder, the truth takes us to heights and domains beyond our wildest imagination!


Life’s lessons from the movie:

1. We can not substitute emotional or spiritual void(s) with drugs, sex, alcohol, money, power, fame, food etc. Denzel had perfected the art of lying about his drug and alcohol addiction for years. Externally he seemed okay, but spiritually he was bankrupt.

2. Be nice to people you meet along life’s journey as they might just be your saving Angel at some point in life. See below two examples from the movie;

  • One of the flight attendants always invited him to church. She also agreed not to testify that he drank the night before the crash.
  • The co-pilot did not testify about him being drunk on-board the flight either, but rather prayed for him to realise his purpose and destiny.

3. The truth will always set us free. Denzel could have lied about the Flight Attendant being the one who consumed the contents of two bottles of vodka found on-board the flight by the investigators. In fact this seemed the sensible option as she had a history of alcohol abuse and she was dead anyway. But no, he seized the opportunity to make amends with his spirit and soul. He set the record straight and embarked on a new life.

4. It takes fortitude and resolve to make positive lifestyle changes. These decisions can sometime cost us our “reputation”, “friends”, social and professional circle… The key is to keep our eyes on our goals with the understanding that we have to be in a well secured place in order to pull someone else from a pit. So after offering help to Denzel, Kelly decided to leave in spite of her feelings towards him. Although difficult initially, this was also a catalyst in Denzel’s change process.

The Rabbi once said:

For what does it profit a person if they succeeds in their pursuit/goal/ambition but loose or compromise their values, beliefs and conscience in the process?

~ Sabali

By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

7 replies on “Essay: Snakes and Ladders”

Lovely words my friend. Truly, truth is like a sword that never attacks but it can still pierce through you, if you oppose or ignore it. But anyone who is searching for that sword can use it as a tool for change.

Well written. I recently watched this film. I love that Denzel showed how an addict can come to the realization that he needs help. As he said, ‘it was as if I just couldn’t tell one more lie’. He was COMPELLED to tell the truth and start on the journey against his addiction. It didn’t make sense why but it made me hold on to a truth from scripture – The Grace of God COMPELS us to repent that we may be saved. I’m holding on to that for a loved one. I don’t need to scheme my way to their realisation of their addiction – The Grace of God does suffice, at the appointed time, they will take the right steps, without coercion, but through choice. HALLELUJAH!!!

Thanks for reminding me of this encouragement 😀

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