Spiritual Intelligence: Spiritual Amnesia

Spiritual Amnesia…

Of all the definitions of Amnesia, the one most relevant for today’s thought is this;

the selective overlooking or ignoring of events or acts that are not favorable or useful to one’s purpose or position”.

With that as a backdrop let’s bring king Rehoboam to the stage. He became king of a dynasty with enormous potentials in his early forties. His grandfather was a hugely famous and successful king, his father was the wisest and wealthiest king in his era.

On his coronation, the people pleaded with him to review the taxation policy enacted by his father. The newly crowned king listened and asked them for three days to think it through. He then sought counsel with the advisers who served with his father, and he was advised to reduce the tax threshold as proposed by the people. But he rebuffed their advice, went ahead and presented the issue to his peers. They advised him to dismiss the people’s plea and increase the threshold instead.

Three days later his subjects came back as agreed, and instead of a tax reduction, he introduced an increase. In frustration the people rebelled against his rulership and the kingdom was divided into two. He had failed miserable at his first hurdle!

Perhaps if he had sought a third opinion from the One who orchestrated his ascendancy… Spiritual Amnesia.

His grandfather did, his father did.


~ Sabali

By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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