Spiritual Intelligence: Who’s Arm Are You Leaning On?

Who’s arm are you leaning on?

In the days of the kings, the nation was besieged by a ruthless invading army. The borders were shut, international trade seized, leading to an economic drought. All hell broke lose – there was hyperinflation, hunger and starvation.

Amidst it all, a game-changer stepped on the scene. A prophet by the name Elisha rose to the occasion declaring an overnight economic turnaround to the king.

But the officer who’s arm the king leaned on (the king’s top adviser), dismissed it robustly because it made no sense to the human mind. The situation was so bad that a sudden change was almost impossible to behold. He made no room for the supernatural, he was suffering from what we now know as Confirmation Bias.

However, his pinion on the matter had no effect on the fulfilment of the prophecy. The invading army fled back home overnight, the war was over, and Elisha vindicated!

Friends, no matter how dire our circumstances might be, we need to always make room for the supernatural. Ultimately, God has the final say!


~ Sabali

By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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