Memoir: Walkman and Cassette Players…

Prophecy, Don Carlos

Don Carlos and Gold took the 80s by surprise. Among their many hits, Prophecy is one of my favourites.

Blaring from record stores, radio stations, barbing salons, public transport, electrical shops, drinking spots, homes, Universities halls of resident, Clubs, parties…, everyone had to hear them.

I first heard Prophecy on my late older brother’s Sony Walkman, on lovely sunny afternoon — it was electric! And my most memorable experience of the song was when he accompanied me to see a girlfriend of mine.

During a lively chat about music, he suggested we listen to his copy on their sound system. My friend’s brother who was then a fresher at University studying medicine, also caught the bug! He was competely entranced by the song, and my cred went sky rocket in their home.

The track opens up with a beautiful drum roll and an incredible wail. A wail symbolising resurrection from the pains and chains of oppression. The song highlights slavery, colonisation, discrimination, brutality, inequality, injustice, segregation and the position of the “Almighty” as the ultimate judge of all humanity.

Today we still face similar challenges. We are faced with greed, poverty, unfair trade, hunger, brain drain, slavery, corruption, social inequality and immobility…

The composition is an epic work of art, and the lyrics sublime. I could listen to this track all day and never loose flavour for it.

Definitely one of my all time favourites!

By Clement Akran

Thinker and communicator of ideas.

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