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Every human being is packed with gifts and talents beyond their imagination. I see this everyday in my social and working life, as I interact with people from all walks of life. I see potentials that either: undiscovered, untapped, tapped but yet to be deployed, or tapped and deployed.

Consequently, Healingsprings fellowship is a social enterprise aimed at harnessing and developing human capital. This involves the use of ideas from theology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, history, science, technology, communications, and other useful body of knowledge; in developing fit for purpose interventions and projects.

For instance, in the Judeo-Christian tradition we have the story of Jephthah (Judges 11). The name Jephthah means: The Lord opens, The Lord frees, or The Lord expands. All three words: open, free, expand; are related and can be interchanged depending on context.

By way of background, the chronicler notes that for eighteen years the people of Israel suffered oppression and adversity from hostile neighbours, because they forsook Yahweh (the God of the Israelite) for alien gods. When they realised their error, the elders initiated a religious education programme which took the shape of confession, prayers, and destruction of sacred places dedicated to foreign gods. Once these activities were accomplished they suddenly realised the need for a leader. The elders asked:

Who will lead our forces against the Ammonites?” the leaders of Gilead asked each other. “Whoever volunteers shall be our king! – Judges 10:18

Now Jephthah was from the Gilead (a tribe that was part of the commonwealth of Israel at he time), and his mother was a prostitute. His father (Gilead) had several other sons, and after the death of their father his step brothers chased him out of the country, saying: “You son of a whore!”, “You’ll not get any of our father’s estate.” (Judges 11:12).

This same Jephthah, once rejected as the scum of the family grew up with bandits and became a well known leader. Following their reforms , the nation was desperate for a military leader, and who better that Jephthah? In the words of the Psalmist, which was also quoted by Jesus in its prophetic context:

“The stone rejected by the builders has now become the capstone of the arch! – (Matthew 21:42).

Jephthah was invited back and nominated as their leader with no contest, and he led them to a successful campaign against their oppressors.

Today the World is calling on Jephthahs from self imposed or societal imposed Exile to assume their position in the vocation of co-creating a better World. Their skills, experience, gifts and talents; are invaluable in efforts towards peace and prosperity for all of humanity.

Join us in our movement for peace, unity, and social justice. Join us in our bid to lead a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Clement Akran

CEO & Director of Human Capital Development

Healingsprings fellowship

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at: http://www.echoesofmercywhispersoflove.com

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      1. What an accomplishment. So proud you should be!!! Awesome. I don’t know what to say. “Thank you”…does doesn’t seem enough.

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